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The antimicrobial properties of cayenne pepper help in eliminating the small insects in a great way. Do you have a friend struggling with a bed bug infestation? Ensure that the kids and pets are kept at a safe distance while using this method to clear off the bed bugs. If you notice too many adult bed bugs in your mattress seam, sofa, and carpets, use a stiff brush to manually scrub them off. ( Bed bug gets repelled by the smell of Indica leaves. Once you’ve given your bedding the heat treatment, follow up by vacuuming all areas of the infested room(s). Vinegar is one of the old-fashioned home remedies for bed bug infestation. While there is no mention of the use of garlic by native Indians for bed bugs, it is probably one of the old home remedies for bed bugs used by them. Alternatively, you can also mix tea tree, cedar and oregano oil to eliminate bed bugs. If the infestation is severe, killing the adult bed bugs may help in reducing their population but they will soon show their presence due to the high number of eggs that do not get destroyed during regular cleaning and washing. Spray it on the affected places. As soon as they come across the tape, the stickiness traps them and they are not able to escape. 20 -25 minutes in the dryer. A number of natural cures have been used to treat bed bug problems. Try this on the clothes and spray it in different crevices and other locations of the house. Check used clothing and books as well. The earlier you catch bed bugs, the easier they are to clean out. Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibiotic properties, but it also has antiparasitic properties which can eliminate parasitic bed bugs. The effectiveness of home remedies also depends on the size of the infestation. They feel nauseated with its strong smell. If you are living in an area which receives ample sunlight and heat, you may put the infested item in sun for a few hours and see the bed bugs vanishing. Using Alcohol to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. Take each section of the infested area at a time and apply heat for time enough to kill them. Take a few drops of the peppermint essential oil and mix it with water to make a handy spray. As a result, they get dehydrated and die. What do you do? Leave the item, in the freezer, for at least 4 days to ensure they are killed. It works because of its strong odor that is disliked by the bed bugs. To use this for bed bugs, just add 20-25 drops of tea tree oil to water and fill the solution in a spray bottle. Citronella oil (The best insect repellant) It is a popular insect repellent which is effective at driving away the bed bugs. In olden times, when there was no DDT available native Indians must have made use of this natural bug repellent around their huts. Rubbing alcohol is generally used to disinfect the skin but it can work wonders in killing the bugs. You may also place used tea bags for destroying these insects. Start by making sure that your house is spotless. Also. Follow the below preventive tips to inhibit the future infestation of bed bugs in your home. According to the Smithsonian, this remedy has existed for years. A regular inspection is important in checking the growth of infestation due to bed bugs. Stick these tapes at the base of your bed and in the corners to check the population of bed bugs in your house. In addition to being one of the most pleasant home remedies for bed bugs, using lavender oil or powder will help you get a good night’s rest. Always keep your house clutter free. It repels the bed bugs from your rooms in an excellent way. Spraying the cots, furniture, carpets, and other areas that bed bugs frequent helps rid your home of the bed bug menace. Finally, prevention is ongoing. Moreover, the plant has antimicrobial properties that help in eliminating small insects in a great manner. Regularly inspect the corner of mattresses. Now imagine one morning you wake up to find that you have tiny bite marks on your body. To use, sprinkle a generous amount of borax over your mattress. Consult your healthcare professional before trying any of these remedies. Add a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary oil. ( Black Walnut Tea. Check your mattress for the visual signs of bed bugs. Pyrethrum is nothing but an extraction from the dried flower heads of tanacetum or chrysanthemum with chrysanthemum being a potent natural insecticide. Since pyrethrum is safe for humans and pets it can effectively eliminate bed bugs. How to make use of home pest control methods? Messy rooms and improperly stored items create a lot of places for bed bugs to hide, so the less attractive your home to bed bugs, the less likely you are to experience an infestation. Get some fresh leaves and spread it on the infestation. While commercially available repellents can take care of them, they will cause some serious damage to our health, too. Add concentrated liquid to cloth and place them around the perimeter of your bed. Gather some Indica leaves and crush them to release its smell. Also known as calamus, it is an aromatic herb that is disliked by the bed bugs. Laundry: Wrap all of your sheets/blankets into a sealed bag and then properly clean your bedding. ( If clove oil is not available, you may spread a few cloves at every possible corner to kill them. If you know where the bed bugs are entering the room, use a mixture of cayenne pepper, ginger, and oregano oil to keep them away. The wonderful Bean leaf isn’t just an ordinary green. Home remedies to get rid of bed bugs include tea tree oil spray, lavender oil, essential oils of orange, neem oil, eucalyptus oil, and thyme. 4. The tightly woven covers used in encasements do not allow the bed bugs to enter or come out of it. If you have unexplained bug bites, especially first thing in the morning, you might want to start checking around for other signs of an infestation. It is readily available and is non-toxic to humans unless ingested. Vacuuming will remove any bugs from the nooks and crannies in which they may be hiding. It has no residual effects, thus, needs regular treatment. Finally, you may see the bugs themselves walking around. ( They also tucked mint leaves inside of the cradle board of babies and small children. They are numerous, and they have a tendency to appear in straight rows. Then, vacuum it … Here's how to make a vinegar bed bug spray: Purchase white vinegar such as the Heinz Distilled, Walmart, or Kroger Brand. Be cautious when using insecticides. Bean Leaf Traps. It does not work on getting rid of bed bugs but also other types of creepy crawlers. ( The insects are repulsed by the smell and taste of this herb. Bed bugs prefer fabric and wood to plastic and metal, so check any wooden furniture as well. People regard Vinegar a contact killer. … 9 Best Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs …. You may use this process as many times as required as it is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies for bed bugs that work. (, If you have black walnut tea bags at home, you can use them to get rid of the tiny parasites from your house. The powder is capable of damaging the waxy coating on the body of bed bugs. Use a dryer to dry everything as well, because a dryer will hit the bugs with a double dose of heat. Just spray it on the affected area to dehydrate the body of bed bugs and kill them instantly. You could use herbal remedies and try to include spraying lavender, thyme, tea tree, or eucalyptus on bed linens, clothes and in other locations of the house. Run the dryer for 15-20 minutes in high heat to dry these fabrics. You prepare a ½ cup of one of the ingredients such as peppermint oil, oatmeal powder, baking soda combined with a little salt or Alka-seltzer (if you do not have any allergy with aspirin). You could also use lemongrass oil diluted with water. Use a steamer on things like your mattress and box spring. No spam! You can purchase a packet of calamus and make a solution by following the instructions mentioned on the pack. It might make the bed bugs to move out without a fight. Peppermint oil helps in repelling a large number of pests and insects in a natural way. Once done, vacuum the area and clean the vacuum filter. For example, you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth or Borax on … To get rid of bed bug bites, it’s important to reduce the itching and inflammation. Bed bugs can’t stand the strong smell of mint and will soon vanish. The first step to take when dealing with bed bug infestation is to locate the infestation. Scented dryer sheets tend to deter bed bugs. The scent of lavender is relaxing for us, but it can be irritating to the tiny bugs. The fine particle will easily get attached to the bodies of bed bugs. Dry cleaning can also kill bed bugs, but make sure you inform the dry cleaner of the possible infestation. Hot steam is a great home remedy to destroy bed bugs and their eggs without damaging the environment. This not only removes all the bugs that are hidden but also their eggs. If the infested item is small enough to fit in your freezer, you can easily kill the bed bugs by freezing them. sprinkle some near the cracks and crevices so that no bug is left behind. The hot steam method for bed bug eradication can get rid of bed bugs from small crevices and cracks. Heat will kill anything hiding in your linens. Spraying rubbing alcohol can kill some bugs on contact. Your first instinct might be to think that your house isn’t clean enough, but that may not be the case. Let’s have a look at these remedies to get rid of the problem. The strong smells of cayenne, ginger, and oregano repel bed bugs and other insects, too. Bed bugs. The strong smell and its antimicrobial properties make it a great home remedy for bed bugs. Neem is probably one of the safest and most effective home remedies for bed bugs that work. Lavender oil contains a very strong smell which feels them nauseous and can even lead to their death. Consider using them. The best ways to get rid of bed bugs are pesticides, heat treatment, and thorough cleaning, but there are a few home remedies that might help. Clean often, checking for signs of a recurrence. It is said that black walnut tea offers bed bug repellent properties. You can find it in just about any health food store. The best way to deal with such hidden bed bugs is to carefully vacuum the entire affected area, including furniture, cracks in the walls and creases of the bed. Cool it and pour the entire content in a spray bottle. You can use them to stop minor infestations. Bed bugs can come from several different places and are rarely a reflection of housekeeping skills. Detect Bed Bugs To Avoid Unnecessary Bites; What steps should be taken to locate bed bugs? However, there are some things you can do at home to get rid of bed bugs and to supplement a professional. Receive the latest Home & Garden Tips by entering your email below: We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously. To a bowl of boiling water, add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, some oregano, and grated ginger. You’ll be able to say bye bye to the bugs this summer! Using alcohol won’t typically work as a bed bug repellent, but it will get rid of the bed bugs that are roaming around in your cracks and crevices for the time being. All you need is time and patience to do it. Some bed bugs home remedies are effective in killing these insects while others just repel them. Bed Bugs Prevention Tips. Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites. This will prevent you from scratching the itchy bumps and rashes that the bed bug bites cause. Cold compress. Even early Native Americans used the leaves of wild mint to get rid of bed bugs by crushing the leaves and sprinkling around sleeping areas. Avoid moving things from the infested room as this would only spread the bed bug infestation. Lemongrass is one of the best home remedies for bed bugs. Lemongrass is non-toxic and does not cause any harm or irritation to humans. The smell of lavender makes a bed bug feel nauseous and can even lead to their death. Use lemongrass mixed with water to spray at all the possible areas in your room where you suspect their presence. Grind some silica gel into a fine powder and spread it on the affected area, on your bedding and all around the bedroom. If you want to get rid of all the bed bugs in 4-5 days, use this remedy. A low vapor steamer will effectively kill all the bugs while leaving very little moisture in your mattress. In this article, you learned how to detect bed bugs, as well as a few home remedies for bed bugs, including how to repel bed bugs naturally. Consumers are told that placing used tea bags throughout their homes and attempting to cover bedding and any open cracks can help eliminate both bed bug eggs and adults. ( Here are a 3 ways to remove these pests from your mattress: 1. Sealing up your bedding with a cover ensures that anything left will not be able to escape or feed and will eventually starve. Spray it over the affected area. This remedy is only effective if you have a … The small insect is capable of hiding in the smallest of cracks and creases. Fill an empty spray bottle with vinegar. To keep other insects from getting into your home, spray doorways and windowsills. Bed bugs are small, wingless, creepy, nocturnal insects that multiply quickly and can infest every corner of your home especially your beddings and upholstery. ( If it makes you feel any better, if you live in a shared housing situation, it’s possible that your infestation is the result of one of your neighbors bug-bombing an infestation. ( If fresh leaves are not readily available, you can make a solution with the leaves by boiling it with water and use it multiple times to spray in the affected areas. Be wary of used furniture, especially upholstery. Even if it’s brand new, pay close attention to any furniture that has been stored or transported in the back of a truck.

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