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Login, Register, Login instantly with Facebook. Do you think she should see a doctor? The sweat glands discharge their fluid through tiny openings in the surface of the skin. Definitions include: a notable characteristic. Sweatshirt definition, a loose, long-sleeved, collarless pullover of soft, absorbent fabric, as cotton jersey, with close-fitting or elastic cuffs and sometimes a drawstring at the waist, commonly worn during athletic activity for warmth or to induce sweating. What does the expression “no sweat” mean? My conversation with the Google employee who told me about the penalty starts dropping A Sweat. I can handle it. Other terms relating to 'sweat': skull sweat; Definitions include: metaphorical sweating caused by intellectual work. Key or Major Key Meaning something that is essential or important. 2. 2. but ye sweat is a good term, at least in my eyes, as it means that ur good at the game and skilled. Definitions include: bad, of poor quality. We just need to make sure things don't break down the same way again in the future. You need to stop sweating about this. To excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin; perspire. The doctor said he wanted to talk to me about the test results, and now I'm in a huge sweat about it. Have you ever wondered if sweat is odourless, why do our armpits smell? Submitted by Walker R. from Silver Spring, MD, USA to be very attracted to someone and pester them. Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang SWEAT means Students Working in the Environment for Active Transformation. That's a sweet car. When we work or do something hard, we sweat. A) Can you check this report for me? Synonyms for sweat include perspiration, sudor, diaphoresis, hidrosis, exudate, sudation, sweating, dampness, lather and moisture. They do not need to take showers because … Definitions include: to bother, test, annoy, push. on Oct 01 2001. ), Your vote: None swear out a warrant for (someone or something). Definitions include: pestering multiple people. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. August 17. All Free. Definitions include: to be extremely attracted to someone; ". This page explains what the slang term "Flop sweat" means. Last edited on Nov 12 2013. Definition: That is easy; no problem! It won’t cause me any sweat. When do we use it? I always get the sweats real bad before an interview. Instead you enter a non-slang word, and Urban Thesaurus gives you slang terms related to that word. 3. I'll deal with the boss, so don't get yourself in a sweat about it. People who use it in a negative context are just salty, it is good to be a sweat <3 To collect moisture in small drops from the air, as a cold water pipe. This means that we can help them or do what they ask. to be very attracted to someone, so much so that one nearly sweats when one sees the object of their affection. Definitions include: to arrive unexpectedly and uninvited, esp. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/sweat, The brief operation sees surgeons interrupt the sympatic nerve that controls the, "The goal of the project is not just to make the sensors but start to do many subject studies and see what, Other treatment options include Botox injections in the armpits and hands; the oral medication glycopyrronium; laser surgery; and microwave thermolysis, in which electromagnetic energy is used to stop, When your body heats up, eccrine glands release, William Boller held the hearing and concluded that, Phisgoc Chairman Alan Peter Cayetano welcomed Pocari, Previously, studies have demonstrated that eccrine, Another step towards providing solutions for students who, Hyperhidrosis is most likely to affect areas with a high concentration of. So, this expression is used to show that doing something is easy or not a problem for us. (Britain, slang, military slang, especially WWI) A soldier (especially one who is old or experienced). Slang; to extract the most possible work out of the most productive employee.Sweating the asset may not be sustainable as it can sometimes lead to overwork and exhaustion. SWEAT stand for? Definitions include: to greatly enjoy someone or something. Definitions include: to come to romantically like - though not love - a person. Definitions include: to reduce or destroy a person's good mood. 1. Definitions include: obsessed with another person. This phrase is used to describe the amount of effort put into something. Definitions include: a third person participating in an activity with a couple. Sweat contains fatty acids and mineral matter as well as a potent anti-infective agent dubbed dermicidin. Blood, Sweat, and Tears Meaning. Definitions include: to have a crush or like someone. on Mar 16 1998. Definitions include: unbelievable; ridiculous; crazy. To exude in droplets, as moisture from certain cheeses or sap from a tree. (historical) The sweating sickness. Meaning that was funny. on Feb 15 1998. I'll deal with the boss, so don't get yourself in a sweat about it. A: "The suspect still hasn't confessed." on Jan 10 2005. I've been sweating all weekend wondering how I did on my final exams. Submitted by Ashley Olsen from Florida, USA Here’s an example for the term angry: Screenshot of “angry” synonyms from Urban Thesaurus. Don't Sweat It: Hyperhydrosis Can Be Treated, Gun case dismissed over illegal police search, Differential Innervation of Secretory Coils and Ducts in Human Eccrine Sweat Glands, Histomorphometrical Study on Regional Variation in Distribution of Sweat Glands in Buffalo Skin, SWEATING IT OUT: "The extreme level of sweat production experienced with hyperhidrosis can disrupt all aspects of a student's life, from academic performance, recreational activities and relationships, to self-image and overall emotional well-being....". Definitions include: a man with no class. 6. noun, slang A cause of trouble, bother, or difficulty. Whenever I work from home, I spend the whole day in my sweats. To exude in droplets, as moisture from certain cheeses or sap from a tree.   (To vote, click the pepper. Sweat definition: Sweat is the salty colourless liquid which comes through your skin when you are hot , ill... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Detectives managed to sweat the location of the hostages out of the suspect. Citation from "Love, Bullets and Blacktop", Reaper (TV, 2007), Season 1 Episode 7 blacked out to resolve Google's penalty against this site . It’s lit Meaning it’s cool or awesome. Definitions include: to kiss passionately; ". Google has been penalizing this site in its search rankings for years. 5. noun, slang A worried, anxious, or fretful state or condition. Example: “Are you sure you can finish the repair today?” —”No sweat!I’ll have it done by noon.” Note: This expression is … I got some new sweats for my jogging routine. Definitions include: enthralled by the female one is having sex with. Google has been lying about the penalty against this site for years.

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